My name is James Paul and I am the Owner and Product Creator of Step Protect PLUS, LLC. Our story starts in 2013 while helping my father Paul. a Chicagoland homebuilder (Paul Design Builders) haul tile up the stairs on one of his new homes. I nearly fell down the stairs twice due to slipping on torn rosin paper that was protecting the hardwood stairs. Rosin paper can tear easily. loosen up and become downright hazardous. I thought there must be an easier way to protect both unfinished and finished hardwood stairs. So I decided to invent one! And it was cardboard! Cardboard with special adhesive backing!

Over the course of the next few months I developed my product and thru many trials and errors came up with the right thickness of cardboard, and most importantly, the correct application of adhesive backing. The adhesive needed to be strong enough to adhere to the wood, durable enough to handle everyday foot traffic, but easy enough to remove without ruining the wood finish. Step Protect Plus has been selling online and in sales outlets ever since - growing steadily each year. Now the time has come where we would like to expand our audience and truly give the construction marketplace a solid alternative to other stair protection methods. Our Step Protect PLUS pads offer temporary stair tread, riser and floor protection while putting on the finishing touches to any home improvement project. It also offers great protection for movers who do not want to harm hardwood. Each pad is held in place by wood safe adhesive that will not ruin your hardwood finish upon removal (as long as the varnish has been cured properly for approximately 30 days).

We have truly brought an alternative for interior stair tread, riser, and floor protection to the marketplace and feel that our products are a time-saver that your customers will absolutely love.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Thank you very much,
James Paul

Product Information

Easy-to-install Step Protect PLUS pads are a durable, time saving alternative to paper for protecting stair treads during a home improvement project.

  • Secure, affordable and time efficient alternative.
  • An excellent alternative to current protective products because of the ease of installation and durability they provide.
  • Each Step Protect pad comes w/ extra strong adhesive that will secure the pad in place, ensuring that the pad will have stability and not ruin the finish on your hardwood.
  • Simply peel back the protective film on the back and place down.
  • Simple, fast and easy without ZERO re-taping and replacing!
These pads feature:
  • Easy installation: Simply remove the protective film on the adhesive backing and stick these pads to the flooring you wish to protect. And don’t worry – it won’t harm the finish, as long as it’s not applied to uncured polyurethane.
  • Improved efficiency: A great time-saving alternative to taping down paper, which tears and needs to be constantly replaced, the pads will stay put for the duration of your project.
  • Reliable and secure: No replacing and re-taping needed. The pads will also absorb minor drips and spills.
  • Reusable: If they have minimal wear and tear, the pads can be reused by applying new adhesive, which can be easily purchased.