Temporary Stair Tread, Stair Riser, and Floor Protection Products

Easy-to-install Step Protect PLUS, LLC pads are a durable, time-saving alternative to taping (and re-taping) rosin paper for protecting stair treads during a home improvement project.

  • Secure, affordable and time efficient alternative.
  • An excellent alternative to current protective products because of the ease of installation and durability they provide.
  • Each Step Protect pad comes w/ extra strong adhesive that will secure the pad in place, ensuring that the pad will have stability and not ruin the finish on your hardwood.
  • Simply peel back the protective film on the back and place down.
  • Simple, fast and easy without ZERO re-taping and replacing!
These pads feature:
  • Easy installation: Simply remove the protective film on the adhesive backing and stick these pads to the flooring you wish to protect. And don’t worry – it won’t harm the finish, as long as it’s not applied to uncured polyurethane.
  • Improved efficiency: A great time-saving alternative to taping down rosin paper, which tears and needs to be constantly replaced, the pads will stay put for the duration of your project.
  • Reliable and secure: No replacing and re-taping needed. The pads will also absorb minor drips and spills.
  • Reusable: If they have minimal wear and tear, the pads can be reused by applying new adhesive, which can be easily purchased.